Are you starting a newsletter mailing list?

Email marketing is one of the most effective methods of keeping in touch on a regular basis. The benefits of maintaining an active newsletter mailing list far outweigh the time required to create your newsletter. In fact, I bet that once you read through my lightweight tips on starting your own newsletter mailing list you won’t feel nearly as intimidated.

Assuming you feel intimidated that is. (And who doesn’t at some point when trying to connect with clients and customers?)

Make Your Newsletter Signup Form Easy To Find

Don’t hide it – keep it at or near the top of your website and draw attention to it. Get creative with your newsletter signup form – use a bold color, bold text, a catchy phrase and attach a benefit to signing up—if you’re a landscaping expert tell your potential readers that they’ll get excellent advice from you on gardening, on time and at the same time each month.

Keep It Simple

Craft a great email newsletter and you’ll gain a new level of customer loyalty, and probably new business at the same time. In fact, it’s highly conceivable that, given time, effort and some clever creativity, you will realize significant positive results for your business. Follow these simple rules and your newsletter mailing list will flourish over time:

1. Implement a clean email newsletter – Keep your newsletter free of too much graphic clutter. Use white space to your advantage – make your newsletter easy to read and separate your sections clearly. People are in a rush, and unless they can quickly pinpoint that your email newsletter is valuable to them, they won’t read it.

2. Only provide decent content – once you get your creative wheels going, the ideas for decent content for your email newsletter will start to come. Use tools like Google Alerts to have relevant content sent to your inbox about topics your newsletter list subscribers will be interested in.

3. Don’t make it too long – no one should have to take any more than a couple of minutes to read your newsletter. Remember, everyone is in a hurry these days. It’s your challenge to provide useful content that can be easily and quickly absorbed.

4. Provide useful links – give your audience links to offers, relevant information, solutions, ideas, etc. Things that they will value – a link to more useful resources on your blog. Provide opportunities for your audience to engage with you through offers, events, social media connections, discussions, a support desk forum, etc.

Don’t forget: implementing useful links throughout your newsletter will provide you with useful data that can be analyzed over time. You’ll gain valuable insight into what your audience is most interested in. What works and what doesn’t.

5. Be consistent – set a frequency for your email newsletter. A good professional average would be once a month. Depending on your type of client base it may be more appropriate to send a quarterly newsletter. Or you may decide to send a weekly digest, and a once-a-month or quarterly special edition newsletter. Be creative with how you deliver.

Check back for another installment on email newsletter marketing!

To Your Continued Success!

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