Business Website Essentials

Every small business website should be treated with respect no matter how big or small – to your loyal customers, your website is just as important as a big website from a big company.

You don’t have to spend tens of thousands, but you do need to keep in mind the essentials to ensure that your website will have a positive impact on your brand and your marketing strategy.  Even today the following website essentials still hold true – some website development practices never grow old:

1. Use sensible navigation – don’t make your visitors guess about how to navigate your site. Every page should be easily accessible via the main menu and a sitemap page.  It should never be confusing to navigate a website.

2. Offer up information about yourself and your company – a bio page, an about section or some sort of corporate section works great. Even if it’s just a page about you, your experience and background, don’t underestimate the importance of providing this information. A professional photo of you and/or your employees isn’t a bad idea.

3. Make it easy for visitors to contact you – put a contact link on every page of your website. Make sure it’s easily visible and simple to use, and make the contact page easy to follow – a simple form that goes straight to your inbox is very helpful.

4. Provide a phone number – providing a phone number promotes a greater sense of trust in your company. Many of my clients prefer to call me to initiate working together and I don’t mind at all!

5. Add a mailing list form – collect names and email addresses. Even if you aren’t using them yet, you’ll probably find lots of value in this information down the road.

7. Provide social media links – place your social media links in an area that promotes visibility like near the top of the page.

These are just some of the essentials that go into making a small business website really work for your company. They may be basic, but leaving them out of your website can mean the difference between a website that works for your small business and a website that doesn’t.

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