Convert Your Personal Pinterest Account to a Business Account

You can convert your Pinterest account to a business Pinterest account quickly and easily.  That is unless you prefer to use two separate Pinterest accounts, and this may be a good idea, depending on the nature of your business Pinterest account vs your personal Pinterest account.  Here are the very easy steps:

First, you’ll need to login to your personal Pinterest account.

Near the top of the page, click the menu button that looks like this:  Pinterest menu button A drop-down menu will appear with a listing of popular Pinterest categories.  Look down at the very bottom of this menu and you’ll see a horizontal listing of links.  Click on the Businesses link.

On the splash page that appears, right below the red Join as a Business button you’ll see a small text link titled “Convert now“.  Click this link to begin the conversion process.

Pinterest will ask you to choose a business category along with requesting a few other pieces of info.

That’s all there is to it!

The best thing about converting to a Pinterest business account is that you now have access to Pinterest account analytics!

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