Critical Services Your Website Developer Can Handle For You

You’ve probably spent some time trying to determine whether or not you should be paying a qualified professional to help maintain your website.  May people assume that maintaining a website only has to do with adding new content, updating menus, deleting pages, etc.  Easy stuff right?  But it can mean so much more than that, and many of the behind-the-scenes tasks your website developer may be handling for you are crucial to the health of your website.

Read on for more clarification and insight…

Does Your Website Use WordPress?

WordPress used to be considering a blogging platform only, but in recent years it has become increasingly powerful and flexible.  Now WordPress is commonly used for site-wide maintenance, advanced content management (CM), secure document sharing, and more.  It only goes to reason that the more WordPress can accomplish, the more technical knowledge is ultimately required to ensure WordPress is up to date, secure and at peak performance.

I’m willing to bet that there’s a good chance your website is either using WordPress or you’ve had it recommended as a system of choice for your content and blog.

WordPress Security

Most of us have read and heard about attacks leveled against WordPress sites.  This isn’t a new thing and in fact, any popular CM system will have to deal with its share of unwanted attention from hackers.  Unfortunately, it’s the nature of the Internet, and we can’t avoid using excellent tools like WordPress because of this.  A better approach is to be able to implement and maintain security features and safeguards so that problems are much less likely to arise.

So this brings us to a very important question: do you want to spend your time worrying about your site’s security?  How much is it worth to you to have the peace of mind of a professional handling this for you?

Here are just some of the areas that your website developer may handle for you on a regular basis:

  • keeping your WordPress installation up to date
  • managing security plugins
  • configuring important system files including .htaccess
  • performing regular database updates
  • monitoring system performance and server resources

In this article I’ve only provided one area of how your website developer may help you with technical tasks that you’d prefer to pass on to someone else.  If you find yourself in this situation I’d be happy to help you out, as I’m sure would many other website developers – like many professions it’s very useful to be able to provide technical knowledge that will compliment a core set of skills.

Ultimately it’s about offering the best service possible to my clients.

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