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What’s involved with the professional logo design process?

  1. The process begins by working with you to determine what goals you have in mind for your business. Important aspects are considered including company colors, significant shapes and objects, etc.
  2. Next, we get to work combining your input with creative imagination to create a comp that is a potential visual snapshot of your corporate brand.
  3. You’ll be able to review a comp confidentially online. Then you can take the time needed to provide feedback on what you like and don’t like about a concept.
  4. Once your feedback is received, it is thoughtfully reviewed; if applicable, tweaks are applied to the logo design comp or the process will start over with a new concept, depending on the feedback you provided.

Once you are satisfied with your logo design, you receive your logo in both print and Web formats (300dpi and 72dpi). Logos are designed at 300dpi using Adobe Illustrator, and can be sent to you in a variety of file formats, including jpg, gif, ai, pdf, eps and tif.

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