I have accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and I know that my eternal future is secure through His death and resurrection. I have been born again as a new person because of what Jesus did for me.

When Christ endured crucifixion on the cross He bore the sin of the world and ultimately died so that our sins could be cancelled and forgotten – and part of that sin is my sin – past, present and future.

Being a child of Jesus is a wonderful thing – it is the ultimate gift of life. During my time on earth I will learn what it means to serve others and to love Him.

This early song written and performed by Amy Grant has always resonated with me…

When I think of all the things He’s doing for me
It makes me stand and wonder at what He’s making me to be
Trying to walk through straight but getting turned around
I’m always making my master take a backseat and wait around.
So I praise the Lord for giving me a brand new start each day
And I praise His blessed name for guiding me all along the way
For if He didn’t, I wouldn’t even try…

Some of my favourite praise and worship songs: