One Way To Leverage The Value Of Your Website Content

Clients want a website that will generate sales. You need to develop a website that invites visitors to take action and become customers or clients. This is the #1 priority for many of my clients.

There are many things a website should and shouldn’t be, but for the purpose of this article we’ll look at: the website that’s being developed for the sake of sales, and how you can leverage the value of your content to help achieve this goal.

The bottom line of any website is to benefit your business by way of increasing sales. So even though it’s vital to understand how and when to use tools like WordPress, Facebook and Twitter, there’s another part of effective website development that many clients overlook.

I like to call it the developing-a-site-that-pays-the-bills strategy (it’s your content!) .

Ok, so what is this strategy? I always tell my clients that the old saying “content is king” can still be relevant today. Even though an emerging idea among marketers nowadays is that content isn’t as valuable as originally thought, I still tell my clients that it’s the written word combined with other media that will get an effective message across to your visitors. If that message is crafted correctly, it should be motivating enough to generate sales and increase your bottom line. Period.

One of the best ways to leverage the value of great content is to lose the watered down approach. So don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

As an example, lets say you run John Doe’s General Contracting. Your services look like the following:

  • plumbing
  • electrical
  • drywall installation
  • cabinet making
  • interior painting & finishes
  • interior decorating

When asked the question “ok Mr. Doe…how many opportunities do your visitors have to reach you online?” you might be quick to reply “once…through my website…”

But this isn’t the right way to look at your website or your business at all. In fact, the reason you are offering complimentary services is because you want to diversify and create new opportunities for your business.

So why should your website be viewed any differently?

Based on the list above you have a minimum of seven unique opportunities for your visitors to find you (that’s six service niches and one home page).

Part of your website development strategy is to develop compelling, action-taking content for each of these pages, and to leverage your content on every page to optimize the chances of people finding you and discovering what you can do for them.

It’s your job to draft the content for every page of your website (you are the expert after all), injecting that content with keywords that pertain to only the subject of that page, adding in a call-to-action every chance you get, and then handing it over to your website developer for refining and enhancing (by adding compelling graphics, video, etc.).

Of course there are many other ways to optimize the value of your website. This is just one example of something that you need to do – make the most of your content.

It may be an oldie, but effective and complete website content will always be important.

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