Tips On Gaining More Twitter Followers

Like all social media platforms Twitter is constantly evolving.  Its owners are always trying to find new ways to improve the platform and provide more value for users.

If you are currently using or plan to use Twitter as part of your business brand strategy, you will probably hope for at least a decent amount of followers…it probably won’t mean much to have a twitter page with 10 followers representing your company’s brand.  So this will likely be a focus for your Twitter strategy.

In reality, accumulating a respectable number of loyal Twitter followers should occur naturally enough.  However, it does require time, attention and old fashioned work on your part.

To help you meet your goal here are some basic tips that should encourage people to follow your Twitter page:

  • Reply to your Tweets publicly – not privately.  This way, your followers will be able to see your response and you’ll build a more social experience around your business brand.
  • Adopt a Helping Attitude – consider how your Twitter page can help your customers first, and the results will help your company’s brand in the end.  Sales should not be the first thing to come to mind…it’s more about the social experience, the paying-it-forward mentality and the brand loyalty that you will generate.
  • Tweet about great finds – resources in the form of websites, downloads, offers, tips, advice – these are all useful if they are of interest to your target audience.  So if you are targeting cosmetic artists tweeting about technology may not be the way to go.  Think about the kind of things that your audience would appreciate knowing about and spend a few minutes each day finding them.
  • Participate in Social events – like #FollowFriday.  Pay it forward and share the love.
  • Brand your Twitter page – create a meaningful Twitter background that reflects your company brand and decide whether to use a picture of yourself or the logo of your company.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask a question – if you see an interesting topic on your Twitter feed get in on the conversation and ask a question or contribute with a comment or idea.
  • Get creative and tweet cool, meaningful pictures that you feel will appeal to your audience.  This is especially effective if they can somehow tie into your product or service, or spin your company brand in a positive light.
  • Include an invitation to follow you in all your other social channels and especially on your website and on your newsletter (if you have one).  Do some research and make your invitation unique and creative.

Good luck!

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