What is Organic Search Engine Optimization

Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be defined in simple terms as the combined effort of improving a website’s visibility in the natural search engine results.

Organic SEO is often referred to as “natural” SEO because where a site is listed within a search engine results page (SERP) is free or unpaid. No fee was paid for this organic listing to occur—it occurred naturally.

It probably occurred because of a combination of other activities including but not limited to:

  • Analyzing the search activities of people to determine what keywords to include within the content.
  • Optimizing a site’s HTML to ensure that there are no barriers to the indexing efforts of search engines.
  • Crafting keyword-friendly content to promote the relevancy of a website.
  • Promoting a website so that more external sources are linking back to content within that website.
  • Engaging in social marketing activities that encourage others link back to a website.
  • Providing relevant content and information on external sites to encourage quality links back to a website.

To quickly summarize, here are several key benefits of organic SEO:

  1. People prefer to click on organically optimized websites because they trust their authority and longevity.
  2. Once a website is listed at or near the top of a SERP, it tends to stay there for a long time. Probably because major search engines also trust authority and longevity, and their algorithms indicate this.
  3. Organic SEO can be less expensive. Paid listings can be quite expensive (which is fine when they provide a decent ROI). However, SEO can also be expensive, if you consider in terms of time and effort required.

Achieving the desired results through organic SEO efforts will typically take some time. Unlike paid advertising via the search engines, organic SEO is free to a point—there’s no dollar cost to you.

However, there is a time cost.

Just like it typically takes time to build something of value of worth, it takes time to build a quality and credible online presence. If you are short on time consider hiring someone full time or on a contract basis to take over online marketing efforts for you.



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