Which Is Best for My Business – a website, blog or Facebook page?

This is a question that bothers even the most marketing savvy business owner: should we develop a business website, invest time in maintaining a business blog or continually work on unique ideas for a business Facebook page?  And we’re not even considering all the other marketing tools that are available – lest we confuse and overwhelm ourselves to the fullest!

Your Business Website

Your business website is typically the first place a new customer or client will go to learn more about your business.  Depending on the size of your business, your business website may be as simple as an online brochure that provides information about your corporate vision, details your products and services, provides background information and displays staff bios, etc.  A business website will typically include all the necessary points of contact including phone numbers, contact forms, and request forms.

Your Business Blog

Think of your business blog as a place where customers can get to know you more intimately.  It can be used to tell customers about upcoming events, causes your company is involved with, company news, etc. Your business blog could also take on the form of a help desk or knowledge base.  Think creatively and be prepared to post to your blog at least weekly to keep it fresh and relevant.  Hey…it might be time to hire a new employee to handle all this stuff!

Your Business Facebook Page

A business Facebook page should be more visual than a business website or business blog.  The former two are typically more info based whereas a business Faceboook page can be more creatively utilized through graphics and images.  Since Facebook is a “social” marketing tool keep this in mind when considering how to incorporate Facebook into your business brand. Use it to share product how-to photos, run contests and build an online community.  Make it fun and engaging.

To sum it up, I don’t believe we answered which one is best, but I hope that some of the points above have helped to clarify which is best for your business brand, or perhaps you need to incorporate all three!

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